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First 5000 is a new business development alliance for Australia's most significant mid-size companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers, and of course each other.

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Chris Pope

Mobile shopping is a significant sales channel for businesses. Chris Pope of EpiServer explains that to maximise this opportunity it’s important the customer has a consistent experience but tailored to the device.

It’s odd that when many businesses plan their eCommerce strategy the customer experience is undervalued. They figure customers shop online for one reason – price. While price matters, it’s not as important as many retailers think.

Chris Pope, CEO of EPiServer Australia
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Helen Hull

Australia businesses are increasingly looking to technology innovations to help improve productivity and drive business growth, according to a recent study.

The study, commissioned by workforce management company and First 5000 member Kronos and undertaken by Aberdeen Group, has revealed that Australian businesses lag behind the rest of the working world in workforce utilisation and automated time and attendance.

Kronos ANZ managing director Peter Harte
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Carmel Dollisson

Almost every week there’s the launch of a new desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, but what about the e-waste this generates? Carmel Dollisson from TechCollect is passionate about educating Australians about the importance of recycling responsibly.

Starting off 2015, I am still amazed at the rapid growth of technology consumerism in the last two decades. The digital age is accelerating at a rate which, not so long ago, would have been completely unimaginable.

Carmel Dollisson, Chief Executive Officer, TechCollect
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Helen Hull

First 5000 members are invited to have your say in regard to the Workplace Relations Framework. Submissions close Friday 13 March 2015.

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a public inquiry to examine the performance of the workplace relations framework and identify improvements to it.

Have your say: Workplace Relations Framework
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Adam O’Donnell

Do you provide an environment that helps your staff perform? Corporate Commando, Adam O'Donnell explains the art of getting people to do what needs to be done, without needing to be told.

Managers today are bombarded from all sides with demands to increase employee engagement and for good reason too. 

Corporate Commando, Adam O'Donnell

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