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First 5000 is a business development alliance for Australia's most significant mid-size companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers, and of course each other.

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Roxane Horton

What does the 2015 Federal Budget offer First 5000 members? Roxane Horton who attended a post budget briefing by accounting firm Grant Thornton last week in Brisbane reports.

Mid-size businesses looking for measures targeting them in this year’s budget will probably still be flicking pages because that chapter seemed to be missing.

Roxane Horton, principal at Buxton Horton
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Roger Beale

Australia is facing a host of serious but manageable challenges. As part of our "A Vision for Australia" consultation, Roger Beale says we need to develop the understanding of the community and be persistent, patient and fair.

After close to a quarter century of uninterrupted growth in incomes, wealth and the economy we face a new and difficult world.

Roger Beale AO is a former senior Australian public servant and policymaker
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Lisa Annese

How do businesses, women and families fair in the 2015 Budget? Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council of Australia shares her thoughts.

It was with some dismay that I heard the Federal Government’s announcement, in the lead up to the 2015 Budget, that many parents who receive employer-paid parental leave will be ineligible for the Government-paid parental leave scheme from July 2016.

Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia
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NAB - Business View

There are many correlations between a team that is performing well in the boardroom and one having success on the field. First 5000 partner NAB speaks to Kirk Peterson about his approach to corporate training.

As you’re watching your favourite sporting team do battle on the field this season, you might just learn a few new management techniques and discover a winning game plan for you and your team at work.

Kirk Peterson, Managing Director, Performance Shift
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Natalie Goldman

While businesses recognise the outstanding role women can play in the workplace some are finding it is easier said than done. Natalie Goldman gives practical advice on things you can do to ensure women take the next step and take on leadership opportunities.

There is a clear business case to encourage women into leadership roles in companies.

Natalie Goldman, Founder & CEO of Launch Pod

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