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First 5000 is a business network for Australia's most significant mid-sized companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers and each other.

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Katie Hume


The growing sharing economy movement is showing no signs of slowing down – and now more than ever businesses are jumping onboard, too.

Some $13 million worth of tasks have been posted by businesses on Airtasker, the leading Australian community marketplace for people to outsource tasks or complete flexible jobs to earn money. 

Katie Hume, Marketing Communications Manager, Airtasker
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Bliss Zechman


When Action Aid, an international non-profit that works to fight poverty and injustice, needed research conducted for their campaign that helps women in metropolitan areas, it sought the assistance of Sydney organisation Social Impact Hub (SIH).

SIH works with businesses keen to make their mark in a positive way. The organisation provides research and consultancy services to not-for-profits and businesses seeking expert assistance. The work is conducted by students at the University of New South Wales, who undertake SIH as a subject as part of the business and law degrees. Students must apply to take this subject, and all work is overseen by experts.

Bliss Zechman
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Lisa Brink


As a business owner you may be thinking 'why should I care about process improvement' and for that matter, 'why should I care about processes at all'? 

In truth, you may be leaving significant dollars on the table if you fail to adequately define, measure and improve your core business processes. 

Lisa Brink, ESV Group
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Bliss Zechman


Tinder is a dating app consistent with the stereotypical narcissistic standards associated with the millennial generation. Users swipe left (no) or swipe right (yes) to pictures of potential mates.

Similar to a pretty, single girl on Tinder, millennials know they have the power. They are sought after for their savviness with technology, innovation, entrepreneurial skills and more.

Bliss Zechman


Almost every leadership, strategy and motivation book on the planet advocates the importance of having a crystal clear goal or vision for the future.

But, intuitively, you know this is an incredibly flawed position to take.

Dr Jason Fox

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