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First 5000 is a business network for Australia's most significant mid-sized companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers, and of course each other.

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Michael Vincent


The employee compensation practices of publicly listed companies are of great interest to employees, investors, business media and researchers alike.

They are also influential in shaping public expectations and by extension, the policies and practices of private companies.

Michael Vincent, Partner, Succession Plus
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Roulla Yiacoumi


Plenty of Australians have decent broadband speeds and computers in the home, so what’s stopping more of us from working from home?

Think about it. Why do we suffer a morning and afternoon commute (and pay for the privilege), only to sit in front of a screen all day to do something we could have easily done without leaving the house?

Roulla Yiacoumi, Editor, First 5000
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Jenny Brockis

Brain training your way to genius is a lovely thought, says Dr Jenny Brockis. Too bad it’s not possible.

Does brain training work? Wouldn't it be good if it did? The idea of using brain training as a means to boost our mental capacities, keep us sharp and one step ahead of the pack is highly appealing.

Dr Jenny Brockis, The Science of High Performance Thinking
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Simon Howe


As cyber attacks are appearing more regularly in news reports, organisations are slowly coming around to the fact that it has become a case of when they will be targeted, not if.

Threats are evolving at a rapid pace. Not only are they getting more sophisticated but they are increasingly entering the corporate network via different means of attack.

Simon Howe, Director of Sales, LogRhythm Australia and New Zealand


As the editor of First 5000, the only website dedicated to mid-sized business* in Australia, one of the best parts of my job is getting out and speaking to the people who run these enterprises.

Most people don’t know about mid-sized businesses, or should I say, specifically about mid-sized businesses. Often bundled with small businesses in the ‘SME’ acronym, the importance of mid-sized businesses often gets lost in the SME rhetoric.

Roulla Yiacoumi, Editor, First 5000

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