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First 5000 is a business network for Australia's most significant mid-sized companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers and each other.

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Andrew and Gaia G...


Innovation is typically fuelled by embracing apparent contradictions.

It can best be supported by encouraging both individual autonomy and group collaboration. Research has found that those who generate variety and are able to come up with a number of different ideas (such as corporate founders and entrepreneurs) are often highly individualistic.

The innovation process relies on original ideas from individuals, but ideally these ideas and passions then need to be combined with the refining synthesis of a group approach.

Andrew and Gaia Grant
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Matt Ware


Did you know that as of January 2016, the average rate of e-commerce cart abandonment is 69%[i]?

That means two-thirds of the time, a significant proportion of online shoppers invest their time selecting products to buy, only to abandon their cart at the final stages of purchase.

For e-commerce retailers, this is an alarming statistic.

Matt Ware, First
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Robyn Haydon


Have you ever missed out on an opportunity you really deserved to win? Struggled to explain what you offer to people who just don’t seem to understand? Maybe you’ve watched by helplessly as a prospective customer made a decision that you knew was not right for them.

When you do great work, and sell great products, these situations are frustrating, difficult, and unfortunately, very common. 

Robyn Haydon
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Peter McKenna


The Australia-ASEAN region is undergoing historic changes that impact businesses, especially SMEs, domestically and internationally. 
Landmark agreements such as the ASEAN Economic Community, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) and others, make it critical for Australian and ASEAN businesses to be informed and position themselves to benefit from the opportunities which these agreements present. 

Peter McKenna, Venturenauts
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Katrina McKinnon


What is the right thing to do if a colleague collapses while you are at work?

Knowing how to respond in such a situation presents a crucial element for the quick recovery of the person.

Katrina McKinnon

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