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First 5000 is a new business development alliance for Australia's most significant mid-size companies. It's a vehicle to connect and network with local and international big business as well as policy makers, and of course each other.

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Bruce Nixon

There is a growing trend in regard to successful demergers. Bruce Nixon explains the five key steps in managing the operational aspects of breaking up a business. 

2014 saw a surge in demergers including the $14 billion BHP Billiton demerger of its non-core assets, manufacturer Orica as well as shopping centre giant, Westfield Group.

Bruce Nixon, CEO Holocentric

Are you still deciding on your New Year Resolutions for your business? Lindsay Brown believes it’s time to focus on creating a better work-life balance for your employees.

When we think of New Year’s resolutions, we often think of losing, quitting or saving. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting cigarettes or saving money, our resolutions tend to focus on making ourselves healthier and happier. However for business owners, aiming for a healthier, happier business in 2015 will be inextricably linked to making others the centre of attention - their employees.

Lindsay Brown Regional Director, Citrix SaaS Division Asia Pacific
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Helen Hull

I’d like to thank all of our members, contributors, partners and the team for your support in 2014 and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Throughout 2014 we have seen a diverse range of blogs featured on First 5000. Below are our top 10 blogs for the year.

Helen Hull, First 5000 Editor
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Paul Hunter


As the year comes to a close many businesses are reviewing their strategy for 2015. Paul Hunter CEO of the Strategic Management Institute highlights how the strategy process can be flawed.

I use the notion of Seven Inconvenient Truths of Strategy to depict observations from my experience in business as well as extensive research to show that strategy practices (the doing of strategy) are deficient in a number of ways.

Paul Hunter is the CEO of the Strategic Management Institute.
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Nick Stanley


As we look ahead to 2015 it’s time to evaluate our future opportunities. Nick Stanley believes the key is exporting education.

Australia sits at the cusp of an important economic inflection point.  With the Mining Sector showing signs of slowing, we need to position for the next wave, and we need to do so quickly.

Nick Stanley, Founder Sky Software

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